Every Musician Needs a Home

Creating the BYSO Youth Center for Music

The BYSO's new home at 235 Huntington Avenue will provide a permanent home for our young musicians and programs, allowing unfettered access to music-making at the highest level for all children.

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Composing the future of youth music.

The BYSO Youth Center for Music will provide a space for all children to discover hidden potential and open themselves to feelings of pride and achievement they never thought possible.

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Building a home to nurture musical and personal excellence

Providing everyone the opportunity to grow

Developing the next generation of leaders

Phase I

BYSO has acquired 235 Huntington Avenue, across from Symphony Hall. We will renovate the existing building, address safety and accessibility, and provide our children with the space and resources they need to grow and succeed. Our new home will:

  • Establish a permanent and accessible home for BYSO’s Intensive Community Program (ICP).
  • Provide additional rehearsal space for our growing orchestras.
  • Expand BYSO’s educational opportunities and weekday programming.

Phase II

In Phase II, we hope to expand 235 Huntington Avenue with an addition that will increase the number of rehearsal and performance spaces, expanding BYSO's programmatic scope as we create a center of inclusivity and creativity.

Our Goal / $25M

Join us with a meaningful gift as we embark on a journey that transforms communities and changes lives.

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855 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215



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If you have any questions or want to learn more about participating in creating the BYSO Youth Center for Music, please contact Caitlin Thompson at caitlint@bu.edu or call 617-358-5356

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