The creation of the BYSO Youth Center for Music is made possible by our strong community of supporters–those who believe in the potential of our children and the power of exceptional music education. We are deeply grateful for your support and we are proud to recognize all who helped make our new home a reality.


* Through leadership giving, our Friends of the Future are cornerstones in the creation of the BYSO Youth Center for Music. We thank them for their unwavering commitment to Boston’s youth as we open a home where music-making at the highest level is accessible for generations to come – thank you.

This list has been updated as of May 2, 2024.


Anonymous (12)

The Anonymous Foundation*

Abrams Capital

Samuel Adams ’05

Munir Alam & Samira Rahmatullah

Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler

Erika and Colin Angle

Steven, Christine, & Katherine Arkin

Jack and Pnina Axelrod

Sonoko and David Barnard

Susan Baronoff and Peter Nolan

Carrie and Adam Beard

Beard Family Charitable Trust

Robert Beaser ’72 and Kati Agócs

Meredith Beatty ’90

Rose Bellini ’97

Ken and Carol Bello

Joe and Candy Bergantino

Robert Berger

Michael and Ellen Berk*

Stuart Berman ’69 and June Bower

Jean-Marc Berteaux ’82

John Bilezikian ’61

Jessamyn Blau

Charlie Wagner, in memory

Alison and Patrick Bomberg

Marilyn Bone Kloss ’60

Peter Bonney ’95

Marcia E. Bossart ’59

Boston Foundation

Elizabeth S. Boveroux

Keith and Mary Jo Bradley

Benjamin Brady and Colleen Brannen*

Richard Brookner ’76

Katie and Paul Buttenwieser

John Campbell and Susanna Peyton

Susan Caplan ’73 and Michael Kazenel

Colonel Francesco Castellano

Kathleen Chane ’70

Margaret Chen and Jay Fiske*

Piu Francis Man

Paul Chieffo

Valerie Chisholm ’74

Kendrick Chow and Dr. Ellie Choi

Margarita Coffey

Abby and Peter Coffin

Christine (Casey) Cohen ’70

Dana and Virginia Cohen in memory of Jim Orent ’72, violin

James Cooke and Lisa Crockett

Constance R. Cork

Federico Cortese

Maureen Creasia in memory of Lou Krey

Oliver and Cynthia Curme

Louise L. Davis

Hugo Delgado and Carmen Perlata

Ellen Deng ’19, Dr. Yongqi Deng & Ms. Li Zhen

George Ding and Renee Bai

Michael Dornbrook

William Dornbusch ’68

Diane Dozier

Tom and Ellen Draper

Ann Drinan ’68

Janet and Dan Dubner

Audrey Dunne ’09

Robin W. Dushman

Eaton Vance

Peter and Azelene Edouarzin

The Family of E. Michael Egan*

Eran Egozy ’89 and Yukiko Egozy*

Bradley Feld and Amy Batchelor

Lynn and Joe Finn

Mark C. Fleming & Rachel L. Renton

Anthony Fogg

Kevin Foster and Nadia Chamblin-Foster

David Friend

Xinger Fu’s family

Mark and Sandra Gagnon

Harley Gates

Benjamin Gomez

Robert Goodof and Cynthia Null

Eugene Gratovich ’60

Noelle Givler & Robert Green

Joseph and Paulette Grimaldi

Suzanne Hamill and Sourena Ansari

Ronald Haroutunian ’74

Aria Harris ’19

Regina Harrison on behalf of David C. Harrison

Marina Hatsopoulos and Walter Bornhorst

The Hearst Foundation, Inc.

Grace Helmke ’19

Geoffrey M. Hennessy ’74

Lisa Ford Hirayama ’77

Erik J. Hoagland ’63

Ms. Susan Hoffman ’80

Peter and Natalia Hoffmann

Barbara and Amos Hostetter*

Ms. Allison Houk ’86

Johnny Hu and Lucy Wang

Pamela Petri Humphrey

Naoko Ishidate and Takao Ishidate

Susan L. Johnson

David Jones ’85 and Cindy Vreeland

Celia Elizabeth Jones ’65

Anne Rogers Jones ’87 and Lawrence Jones

Dr. Leo Kadehjian ’68

The Kahler Family

Darlene Kaukoranta ’79

George and Cheri Keches

Mary O’Keefe Kellogg ’67 & Richard Kellogg

Mrs. Joan W. Kirchoff ’63

Bernard Klinger ’67

Anna and Peter Kolchinsky

Kate and Tom Kush

Nora Kyger

Jonathan Lam ’97

Margaux Lazarin ’98

Mary Susan Leahy ’66

Young J. Lee and Young Ju Rhee*

Jean Tibbetts and Richard Lenz

Ruoding Li and Joy Shen

Liberty Mutual Foundation

Marie Lindahl

Ann Ruth Lipman

Mark Littlefield ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lively

Livingston Family ’71 ’00 ’04 ’07 ’10

Caroline ’95 & Patric Lowe

Amelia Lukas ’98 in memory of Janet Audesse

Michael Lutch and Martha Goldsmith

The Lynch Foundation

Jennifer Lynn and James Wright

Brian and Margot MacArthur

Alisha Magnus-Louis ’09

Mahmood Malihi

Sharon and Brad Malt

William Margolin ’63

Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund*

Elliot Matz ’73

Tsz Huen and Susan Zuo

Ifeanyi and Carol Menkiti

Ralph Metcalf

Erik & Mary Mollo-Christensen

Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

Jane and Robert Morse

Maria Mossaides and Reverend Nicholas Apostola

David & Terry Moy

Senthil Muthiah and Karen McPhedran

Tobias and Alisha Nanda

John & Amanda Navien

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Nestel-Patt

Bob Newman ’60

Thao Nguyen and Kim Do

Stephen Norton in memory of Paul White

The Obi Family

Cecilia J. O’Keefe*

Sally Zimmerman and Allen Olsen

Emily Packard ’96

Anthony Pangaro and Creelea Henderson

Jane and Neil Pappalardo

Anna Park ’18

Michael Patti and Nicole Lamy

Joel Pedlikin ’88

Caro Pinto ’00

Rhonda Kaplan and Andrew Polk

Berthold and Michelle Prophete

Christine Purcell

Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn

Arthur and Sharon Rabesa

Marvin Rabin Legacy

Meg Ramsey

Sarah Schaffer Raux and Geoffrey Raux

John & Susan Regula

Frank L. Reis, Jr.

The Findeis-Rezendes Family

Alex Rigopulos and Sachi Sato

Bonnie Anderson Rising ’81 and Curtis Rising

Martha Robinson

Cameron J. Rohall ’14

Ropes & Gray LLP*

Pauline Rowe ’75

Lauren and Tom Ruby

Mr. William Saunders

Thomas and Dixie Savino

Kathi Ann & Kenneth Sawka

David A. Schwartz ’61 and Cheryl Ann Schwartz

Ms. Marion Scott ’65

Max Senter and Liz Reynolds

Laurel Shader MD ’77

Sarah Siegel ’15

Rachel and Brian Silver

Dr. and Mrs. Philip G. Simon ’65

Rob and Jody Collins Skinner

Adrian J. Slywotzky and Christine Balko Slywotzky*

Philip J. and Ann J. Smith*

The Sperry Family

Jane Starkman ’72 and Nick Margulis

Alan Stern and Lori Tenser

Jordan M. and Sarah Lederberg-Stone

Barbara Stein and Jin Suk

Janet Underhill

Charlie and Steve Wagner

Steve ‘08 and Lily Wagner

Noralee A. Walker ’87

Maureen Wall ’92

The Wang Family

Sophie Wang

Family of Felix Wang

Timothy and Catherine Weiskel

David M. Welch and Lisa Onorato

Peter Wender

Andrew and Megan West

Priscilla White

Rick Wilson ’73

Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall

Brian Wong ’91

Althea D. Wright, in memory

Zho-Liu Family

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