Breckinridge Capital Advisors is a Boston-based, independently owned investment advisor specializing in investment grade fixed income portfolio management. The Breckinridge management team is proud to support the BYSO and its efforts to provide young people with meaningful opportunities to grow in music.

Breckinridge donations to BYSO in past years have helped to support:




  • Challenging and interactive weekly rehearsals with highly distinguished musicians and music educators
  • BYSO’s growing staff that supports the artistic and personal development of every BYSO student

Breckinridge believes in the value of building the communities in which we live, work and invest. We are privileged to add our support to the hard work of the BYSO team.

 “As investors in municipal bonds and other asset classes, we see firsthand how broader educational opportunities in a community can improve economic prosperity. We support the BYSO and its ongoing development of cultural and educational progress in the Boston area.”

Tim Coffin, Breckinridge Director of Sustainability

To learn more about Breckinridge’s sustainability efforts, see our corporate sustainability report located here.

Audition for BYSO!

2023-24 Auditions are now open. Learn more about this season’s audition process and requirements.