/ Alexa Dumont ’14

This year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Intensive Community Program (ICP). Our featured alumna this month is Alexa Dumont, a 2014 graduate from BYSO and from ICP. 

Alexa Dumont
BYSO Alumni Spotlight – February 2019

Alexa Dumont ’14, is a graduate of BYSO who now lives in New York City. A member of ICP, Alexa started taking lessons at 7 years old and chose the bass. It was her first ever experience playing music or taking music lessons, and she would go on to spend another 11 years at BYSO before becoming an alumna and entering the music world.

After graduating from high school and from BYSO, Alexa went on to study Jazz Studies at McGill University. “Jazz was an area where I could branch out creatively. I felt like I had a lot more to explore in the jazz realm, since I didn’t have as much experience there as I did with classical,” she says. Nonetheless, “everything I learned at BYSO was extremely helpful in my studies. Starting music training at such a young age, and having good practice habits ingrained in me, gave me the tools I needed for this experience. BYSO provided me with the needed structure.”

Now in her professional life, Alexa wears many hats. She has worked as an RA for the National Youth Orchestra, a rigorous American youth orchestra organized by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute. Students apply and audition to the NYO-USA, and those who are accepted attend a two-week residency in New York, followed by a national or international tour. Alexa has also worked in the Weill Music Institute, as well as the Future Music Project, as part of her work at Carnegie Hall. “It’s so inspiring to see kids who are incredible musicians. Just like the BYSO, you travel to different countries – the kids go through such a developmental experience and I enjoyed seeing that. I can’t wait to be back this summer!”

Most notably, Alexa also works as a personal assistant to Ingrid Jensen, Canadian Juno award-winning jazz trumpet player. Handling social media, reviewing contracts, and scheduling, Alexa does her best to “make Ingrid’s life as easy as possible so that she can truly focus on her music and her performing.”

Much of her day-to-day life now involves being a part of the classical and jazz music industries from an administrative side, and Alexa considers this to be a great and rewarding experience. “What I’ve realized being a black, female bassist is that it can be kind of isolating, and not always easy to find a community where you belong. Now on this side, I feel like my role is more clear, and I have a great sense that I’m helping others achieve their dreams.”

Ultimately, Alexa credits her time at the BYSO for having a huge influence on her life today. “Learning to work as a team at BYSO was a HUGE part of my experience! I was a bassist, so we were one of the smaller string sections, and we needed to work together as a unit. You’re a supporting member of the orchestra, helping a piece come to life.”

“Sometimes I say now that I am like my own instrument in my career now – I have a supporting role to many others!

Asked if she has any final advice for current BYSO students, Alexa wants this year’s graduates to “always remember that music has such a special part in the world,” and to “never forget your experiences at BYSO. They can take you a lot further than you think.”

“BYSO and ICP are one of the core reasons that I’m in the music world now, and I think that it was one of the most incredible experiences that I had. I feel really lucky to be part of this community.”

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