Yeji Cha-Beach ’04 and BYSO’s Boston Marathon Debut

BYSO’s Marathoner This year, CITGO generously provided BYSO with a bib for the 2024 Boston Marathon presented by Bank of America with the support of Sharon Durkan, Boston City Councilor District 8. BYSO fielded applications from community members, and narrowed down a group of excellent candidates to ultimately select Yeji Cha-Beach, a 2004 (G)BYSO alumna. […]

Peter Edwin Krasinski ’76: The Making of The Holdovers

“The feeling in the chapel was overwhelmingly positive—such joy, anticipation, and knowing your part of something bigger.” – Peter Edwin Krasinski ‘76  The Holdovers, a new film set during winter break at a New England prep school in 1970, opens with the voice of a choral director, leading his students into “Oh, Little Town of […]

Taichi Fukumura ’10: Taking the Podium

“That moment was pivotal for me, proving that the hours spent uncovering the meaning behind sound pays off, creating a universal language.” – Taichi Fukumura ‘10 When the orchestra takes the stage, we see a group of talented musicians with an exact understanding of their score, who are led by the keen musical awareness of […]

Raïna Jacques ’09: From Concert Stage to Courthouse

“Just like in classical music, you need grit in law, too. As a musician, you can’t give up on your orchestra—and you can’t give up on your client as an attorney, either.” – Raïna Jacques ‘09 When Raïna Jacques presents arguments in court, she is sometimes taken back to her BYSO days, where endless hours […]

Joan Ellersick ’76 and Sébastien Ridore ’15 on Returning to BYSO

“The kids, no matter their age, always have someone to look up to.” – Sébastien Ridore ‘15 During his final years of BYSO’s Intensive Community Program (ICP), Sébastien Ridore ‘15 knew he wanted to be a professional musician. Playing viola was challenging, exciting, and invigorating all at the same time. To think that he could […]

Rose Bellini ’97 On BYSO’s Momentum, Both Past and Present

Headshot of Rose Bellini '97 with her cello

Rose Bellini ’97 On BYSO’s Momentum, Both Past and Present “Young people need places where they can explore their identity to be creative, take risks, push themselves, and be inspired. BYSO did all of that for me and I will never forget it.” – Rose Bellini ‘97 Before joining BYSO (then GBYSO), Rose Bellini’s love […]

Eran Egozy ’89, BYSO’s Capital Campaign Chair

Eran Egozy ’89 on Making the BYSO Youth Center for Music a Reality “I want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to this project—to be able to say, ‘I helped make that happen.’” – Eran Egozy ‘89 Over a decade ago, the idea of the BYSO Youth Center for Music sparked—with the understanding that […]

Caroline Reiner-Williams ’06

“Keep creating music because it will always be there for you.” – Caroline Reiner-Williams ‘06 As a BYSO parent and alumni, as well as the Program Director of the Joy of Music Program in Worcester, Caroline Reiner-Williams ’06 knows the life-changing impact of music education. From her experience playing in BYSO, watching her own kids excel […]

Kevin Chen ’11

“I recognized that I got so much out of BYSO, and that’s why I wanted to give back this year. Hopefully, a lot of people feel that way, and I think they do.” – Kevin Chen ‘11   Looking back on his time playing viola in BYSO, Kevin Chen ’11 recognizes everything the experience brought […]

Diane Nicholeris ’78

“The conductors, coaches, management, and administrative staff are 100% geared towards the students and making this experience meaningful to them. The standards are never compromised.” – Diane Nicholeris ’78 Taking the stage at Sanders Theatre for BYS and REP’s Opening Concert last month, Diane Nicholeris felt excited, sentimental, and nervous all at once. The momentum […]