, / Why I Give: Thomas Hadley in his own words

Tomorrow's the day - BYSO Day!

This is your LAST CHANCE to make a gift that will be matched in honor of BYSO Day - or an alumni gift that will be double matched! All alumni gifts will also be automatically entered into a raffle to receive a pair of tickets to the season finale concert on Sunday, June 9. Make your gift to BYSO today, and help take your support to our youth musicians even further!

Support from our incredible alumni is extra special to us. Although Thomas Hadley, '83, no longer lives in the Greater Boston area, he still makes a monthly gift to BYSO.

"I had only been playing the horn for less than a year when I received an invitation to attend a two week summer camp in Hartford, CT. I only remember that we played Dvorak Symphony #9 and that I was seated as the assistant horn next to our principal, a young lady who I thought was absolutely God-like in her ability to play the horn, and who had placed a giant (G)BYSO sticker on her horn case.

This was all I needed to know; I wanted to be in (G)BYSO. I would say that I had never been and have still never been as sure about anything in my life.

Being a part of (G)BYSO proceeded to change everything. As a boy who didn't have any particular scholastic talent or sporting abilities, I finally had my identity - my feeling of self-worth. I wasn't a shy kid in (G)BYSO, but rather a fully participating member with friends and responsibilities and an enormous sense of accomplishment and pride. This experience in (G)BYSO set the stage for everything I have done in my life professionally, and personally as well. I still see friends I made when I was a member, and I still eagerly open my emails from (G)BYSO to see how the students and programs are doing. I am amazed at how grand it has become and grateful that so many young musicians can have the same types of experiences that I did, and can maybe find their own sense of self-worth and value while participating. This is my investment in today's youth and I will continue to contribute in anyway I can in the future." 

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