, / Why I Give: Susan Livingston in Her Own Words

Later this month, we will be celebrating BYSO Day on April 23 – a day of giving, and a day of celebration for all the amazing musicianship and accomplishments of our students, year after year!

Make a gift to BYSO and any gifts made between April 1 and April 23 will be MATCHED! This means that your gift will have DOUBLE the impact on our students and programs!

Support from our incredible alumni is extra special to us. Susan Smith Livingston, ’71, bassoon, recalls both her time as a student at GBYSO, and her experience as a parent with four children who all performed with BYSO.

“I played under the direction of Walter Eisenberg. I knew at the time, it was an enormous privilege to be in GBYSO and play with incredibly talented kids. The excellence we all experienced would last a lifetime.

My husband and I are proud to say that all four of our children played in GBYSO/BYSO … viola, bass, bass, bass. Our family spent 14 years totally immersed in GBYSO/BYSO. Every Sunday…rehearsals, auditions, lessons, camp, watching the progress and promotions. It was a wonderful time in our lives and we wouldn’t trade a moment.

Since my time in GBYSO, styles have changed, and the number of BYSO programs and students has exploded. What strikes me is the sameness. The excitement for learning is the same. The dedication of the conductors striving for excellence is the same. The staff still works tirelessly. The parents still serve pizza before concerts and support their children 200%. All timeless.

The vision remains the same. Thank you, BYSO.”

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