/ Instrument Donation

BYSO accepts good quality instruments, typically to support students in our Intensive Community Program (ICP). Your instrument could be used by current students in various ways as they progress through our programs and orchestras. If you have a quality instrument to donate, there is a young BYSO musician who would benefit tremendously from your generosity!

Please find additional information below, or contact Jeanne Bedard at or 617-358-6119 to learn more.

Instrument Donation
  • BYSO is only able to accept quality instruments that can be immediately used by our students, or need only minimal improvements. Because of this, we require detailed information about your instrument, including an appraisal, prior to accepting it as an in-kind donation. If you need advice on appraisers, please contact us.

  • Instruments may also need to be evaluated by our staff prior to final acceptance. We will work with you to arrange instrument drop-off/pick-up at your convenience.

  • Accepted instruments will be acknowledged with an in-kind tax receipt if an appraisal has been provided. Please note that as a nonprofit organization, BYSO is unable to declare the value of in-kind contributions per IRS regulations. In-kind donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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