/ Five BYSO ICP Musicians Will Graduate After an Average of Eleven Years in the Program

BYSO’s Intensive Community Program (ICP), is a nationally recognized instrumental training program that was created in response to the financial and culturally accessibility barriers preventing students from Boston and underrepresented communities from participating in classical music opportunities. The program, open to ages K-12, starts with students who often have little to no music training. Over the years, through concerts, private lessons, and more, these students work their way up and audition into one of BYSO’s prestigious ensembles. 

This year, at the end of BYSO’s 66th season, the ICP program boasts five impressive graduating seniors. These outstanding student musicians have been in the program for an average of eleven years and will surely be missed by the entire BYSO community. 

Nora Rose Edouarzin

Nora Edouarzin joined ICP as a violinist at just eight years old and has since been a part of BYSO for ten years. Now a viola player, she has found that her years in the program have provided her with a supportive community filled with “people you can always rely on.”

“I’ll miss the sense of community that comes from playing in BYSO’s orchestras,” she said. Similarly, when asked to give advice for new musicians starting in the ICP program, she emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the time you get to spend with others in the program. 

One of her favorite experiences of being a member of BYSO and ICP was playing in the annual MLK concert, as well as the feeling of the “sense of accomplishment that comes after a concert and knowing how much the music has progressed.”

Nora (right) serving as an Ambassador at the BYSO Youth Center for Music Opening Day; photo by Michael J. Lutch

In the fall, Nora will be attending Union College as a Posse Scholar on a full tuition merit scholarship. She plans to major in economics and minor in data analytics and political science and continue to play viola.

Dovany Estimphile

Dovany Estimphile, a member of ICP for thirteen years, began by playing the violin at just five. During his time as a member of ICP, Dovany most enjoyed the annual MLK concerts, “singing campfire songs” at BYSO summer camp, and spending time with his friends in BYSO during free time at rehearsals.

The annual MLK concert in 2024; photo by Michael J. Lutch

His participation in ICP allowed his passion and dedication for music to flourish. “It [ICP] helps with discipline,” he said. “It’s a good commitment that will result in a fun and interesting skill. You will make a lot of friends.”

“Stick with it,” was his advice for new members just beginning their journey with ICP. Dovany himself exemplifies this spirit of staying involved and never giving up on his passions.

Dovany, who will be graduating from Roxbury Latin, spent his time not playing violin participating in debate, glee club, robotics, and in three varsity sports, two of which he served as a captain. He plans to attend Cornell University in the fall and hopes to continue to play music. 

Christian Haymon

Trombonist Christian Haymon joined BYSO as a member of the first-ever ICP winds class in 2017. By 2022, he was playing in BYSO’s highest level orchestra, Boston Youth Symphony (BYS). While part of BYS, he particularly enjoyed playing in BYSO’s annual full-length operas.

The 66th Season Opera Performance: Bellini’s Norma; photo by Michael J. Lutch

Christian, a recent graduate of the John D. O’Bryant School of Math and Science with a BioMedical Engineering Pathway, enjoyed his time as a member of the calculus and physics clubs as well as interning with VERTEX Pharmaceuticals. 

In tandem with his love of math and science, Christian embodies a student with a great passion for music. He participated in his high school’s band and jazz band, joined Boston Bridge to Equity and Achievement program, and participated in both the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Festival and the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles National Music Festival. 

In the fall, he will be attending the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music to continue to pursue his love and passion for classical music. 

Ghaniel Jean-Gilles

Photo by Michael J. Lutch

Ghaniel Jean-Gilles joined ICP in 2011 as a violinist and since has performed in Symphony Hall, Sanders Theater, Faneuil Hall, and Rivera Hall. Since becoming a BYS musician, he has had the opportunity to perform works by Shostakovich, Dvorak, Mahler, and Bellini’s Opera, Norma.

The annual ICP Holiday Concert in 2023

As a zealous young musician, Ghaniel had the special opportunity to serve as concertmaster for the annual ICP Holiday Concert MLK Concert under the baton of BYSO conductor Marta  Żurad this season.

After graduating from The Rivers School in Weston, MA, Ghaniel will be attending Clarke University.

Ezra Reed

Ezra Reed has been a member of BYSO and ICP for eight years as an oboist. During his time in ICP, he appreciated the meaningful community as well as the chance to work with music professionals on a personal level outside of normal rehearsal times. 

Ezra truly valued this opportunity that he had to meet so many talented people through BYSO and ICP. “I will miss connecting with peers and the wisdom of Fed and other artistic directors,” he said. 

His favorite memories from his time in BYSO have been spending time with friends, performing in the opera, and becoming engrossed in music: “Some of my favorite memories from BYSO are moments where everyone is so intently present in the music. Specifically, there was a moment in rehearsal for BYS’s production of Mahler 5, where I could feel each individual part moving in ways that shouldn’t make sense but make a beautiful soundscape.”

Ezra shares his knowledge about the oboe to a young guest attending the BYSO Youth Center for Music Opening Day; photo by Michael J. Lutch.

Ezra recently graduated from homeschool with Classical Conversations and will attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the fall to double major in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Oboe Performance. He hopes to give back to BYSO through volunteering with ICP. 

BYSO is incredibly proud and grateful to have had the time to work with these dedicated young musicians. Each of them have shown their passion for music over the years while becoming well-rounded, driven, and ambitious young adults. We cannot wait to see what amazing things they will all accomplish in the years to come.