/ Faces of BYSO: Anna

This season, BYSO is celebrating the Faces of BYSO. From students and alumni, to parents, board and staff, there are thousands of faces who make up our community. Are you a member of the BYSO community? Submit your story and headshot HERE to be featured! STUDENT: Anna AGE/GRADE: 17, Senior INSTRUMENT: Violin HOMETOWN: Chestnut Hill, MA SCHOOL/COLLEGE: Dana Hall School/New York University ENSEMBLE(S): BYS & REP YEARS IN BYSO: 3 FAVORITE BYSO MEMORY: After having struggled with Mozart’s “Jupiter”Symphony at the beginning of the BYS season last year, the orchestra finally prevailed at the time of the performance. I will never forget the wide smiles and looks of satisfaction on everyone’s faces when we stood up to thundering applause. FAVORITE PIECES PLAYED W/ BYSO: Shostakovich 11, Mendelssohn Italian & Scottish Symphonies, Elgar Enigma Variations ACTIVITIES/HOBBIES: Model UN, Photography, Art & Literary Magazine Editor, Tennis FUN FACT: I am super double-jointed in my fingers! FAVORITE STAFF MEMBER: Definitely Alex! She does so much behind-the-scenes work and everyone admires her for it. WHY BYSO? Participating in BYSO has given me countless opportunities.The community that is formed between musicians and even across ensembles is truly unique to BYSO, and creating music with like-minded youth has proven to be an invaluable experience for me, as I have met some of my closest friends here. Not only this, but after each concert, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride in both myself and the orchestra. I am extremely lucky to have been able to gain such an experience, and I believe you can’t find this anywhere else. WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? 2018 Leipzig Tour!