/ Faces of BYSO: Jóia

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When I was in the middle of my 9th grade school year, my teacher suggested that I start auditioning for different music camps and ensembles, just to see what it was like being in a large ensemble outside of my normal school orchestra and my chamber group comprised of me and my 3 friends. So my teacher said, “You want to try out BYSO?” And I replied "sure", because even if I didn’t get into an ensemble or I got waitlisted it would be a valuable experience either way. A few months later, I went into my audition, did my best, and I guess you could say that "taking the plunge" paid off. Through being accepted into BYS I’ve not only grown as a musician but I have also gained friendships that are tighter and closer together than my bow hair (in all seriousness, but you got to admit that the word play was a nice touch :) ). I’ve also learned to be more confident in myself and my abilities to produce music, as a soloist and as a member of a wonderful orchestra surrounded by my peers whom I look up to. This orchestra whom I was once a stranger to has helped me realize that although the journey is hard, the company of those whom you care about make the trek meaningful and memorable. Come see Joia perform with BYS on April 29 in Symphony Hall! Interested in joining BYSO? Visit to learn more about our auditions taking place in May!   Follow: #FacesOfBYSO   #BYSO60