JRO / Junior Repertory Orchestra

A full symphonic orchestra of students developing orchestral performance skills.

Conductor / Yonah Zur

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Junior Repertory Orchestra (JRO) is a full symphonic ensemble made up of approximately 110 students. Members receive group and individual coaching which enables them to build solid fundamental technical and musical skills. The opportunity to make music away from the particular technical demands of their instruments continues to be enlightening and essential to the students’ musical growth.

Program Highlights

Summer Music Camp

Students that audition into BYS, REP and JRO begin their season at BYSO’s summer music camp in Sidney, ME.

Weekly Classes 

Members participate in regular musicianship classes where they explore fundamentals through singing, body percussion, and critical listening exercises in group and individual coaching sessions.

Notable Venues

JRO has performed at Symphony Hall, Boston University’s Tsai Performance Center, and Kresge Auditorium at MIT.

Upcoming Performances

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