/ #ArtsMatter Day 2019

Friday, October 25th is  Arts Matter Day, an annual celebration of arts & culture organized by MassCreative. This online day of action gives the creative community a chance to broadcast stories of impact and make the case that arts and creativity should be an expected, well-funded, and valued part of everyday life.  Join in the fun by sharing why the arts are important to you using the hashtag #ArtsMatter. Tag BYSO and we will repost, retweet and share your stories!

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Learn more about how you can participate in Arts Matter Day here!

Members of the BYSO staff share some of their "Arts matter because..." statements below!

Jessica Chen, Development and Alumni Relations Associate
"Arts matter because...playing music inspires joy and confidence in our students!"
Matthew Stansfield, Executive Assistant
"Arts matter has the power to instigate change, enrich appreciation, and allow personal growth!"
Colin Keane, Development Associate
"Arts matter because...they bring people from all walks of life together"
Lisa Berk, Development Assistant
"Arts matter is inspiring!"
Kara York, Marketing Manager
"Arts matter because...they are a universal language"
Erin Keegan Ianni, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
"Arts matter opens our mind and nourishes our soul!"
Kathryn Rudolph, Director of Operations and Community Programs
"Arts matter because...they connect us and build community"