/ Arts Matters Day 2018

BYSO CELEBRATES ARTS MATTER DAY 2018 Today, Friday October 26 is the 5th Annual #ArtsMatterDay and BYSO is excited to join this online celebration of arts, culture, and creative expression! Over 600 artists, musicians, cultural organizations, creative leaders, and advocates from all over Massachusetts are participating in Arts Matter Day, either by hosting events or supporting the #ArtsMatterDay social media campaign to demonstrate the impact of art and creativity on our communities. For the past five years, Arts Matter Days have served as an amazing way to educate the both community and politicians about how important support for the arts is. This day is an amazing way to showcase the wonderful work done by our communities and celebrate such an important part our lives. Each October the creative community takes social media by storm to celebrate #ArtsMatterDay. By sharing hundreds of pictures and videos – and of course, art – we’ve shown why arts matter in Massachusetts and here at BYSO! Click here to learn more! Here’s how you can participate: 1.     Sign up here to say that you’re participating in Arts Matter Day. 2.     Share BYSO’s #ArtsMatterDay posts on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to help build the buzz! 3.     Create your own #ArtsMatterDay posts and tell the world why #ArtsMatter to you at BYSO. Tag us, and BYSO will share, repost and retweet our favorites!  4.     Let your friends and colleagues know you’re celebrating #ArtsMatterDay and encourage them to take part too