Ashley Gong ’21

“This program transformed my life. It gave me such a great community of friends and it was really motivating to find this outlet for music, for creativity, and also this activity that I can put a lot of effort into and see the results payoff.” -Ashley Gong ’21 As we celebrate the start of BYSO’s […]

Sébastien Ridore ’15

This month, we caught up with Sébastien Ridore, a 2015 BYSO alumnus. Sébastien got his start in ICP at the age of 7, rising through the ranks and ultimately performing with BYS for two years before his graduation. After seeing how much his older sister enjoyed playing violin with ICP, Sébastien begged his mom to […]

Andi Lamoreaux ’64

After a 52-year long career at WFMT Classical Music Radio in Chicago, Andi Lamoreaux (formerly McMahon) ’64 recently retired from her position as Music Director. Andi received her bachelor’s degree in music from Wells College in Aurora, New York, and received her master’s degree in music history from Northwestern University. While working at one institution […]

Genevieve Lefevre ’15

This season, as we have been welcoming our students back to the stage, alumna Genevieve Lefevre also returned to grace our BYSO stage once again, too! Genevieve, ’15, Viola, is a recent Harvard University graduate with a degree in Theater, Dance & Media, and served as the narrator for BYSO’s Peter and the Wolf performance […]

BYSO Opera: Student Voices

Every year, the BYSO Opera is a very memorable and meaningful experience for our students. When asked to reflect on their time in BYSO, each year many students mention the Opera as one of their favorite experiences. Since it is a highlight for so many students, we wanted to share some quotes and stories from […]