/ 2021-2022 Season Appreciation

As we celebrate the end of BYSO's 64th season, we would like to take a moment to appreciate all of the wonderful people who have helped make this season so great! Thank you to all of you for the work you've done this season, and for helping us continue to be adaptable, adjust to any changes that come our way, and carry out our mission. You truly are the best!


Robb Aistrup
Fred Aldrich
Nick Auer
Steve Banzaert
Bob Barnes
Kathleen Berger
Mark Berger
Anna Bradford
Ben Carson
Wylliam Cheng
Arnor Chu
Alessandro Cirafici
James Cooke
Tony D'Amico
Brian Diehl
Charles Dimmick
Miriam Eckelhoefer
Joan Ellersick
Nathaniel Farny
Nick Finch
Liz Foulser
Ben Fox
Noriko Futagami

Neil Godwin
Adam Goldberg
Judy Grant
John Holland
Joe Holt
Phil Hyman
Rachel Juzsczak
Krysten Keches
Marina Krickler
Rainice Lai
Steve Laven
Sangwon Lee
Jackie Ludwig
Huiying Ma
Cynthia Mathiesen
Charles Morris
Zoe Murphy
Ryan Noe
Liv Oster
Charles Overton
Rob Patterson
Bryan Ping
Alix Raspe Gray

Madison Richards
Bill Rounds
Marla Rubinson
Alex Russell
Narek Sahakian
Angelica Samonte
Brent Selby
Richard Shaughnessy
Geoff Shamu
Adrian Slywotzky
Ryan Snyder
Susie Telsey
Danilo Thurber
Janet Underhill
Zeb Upton
Pete Walsh
Michael Weinfield-Zell
Leigh Wilson
Randy Zigler
Yonah Zur


Federico Cortese, Music Director; Conductor of Boston Youth Symphony
Adrian Slywotzky, Artistic Consultant
Joseph Bozich, Artistic Advisor and Conductor
Mark Miller, Conductor of Repertory Orchestra
John Holland, Conductor of Junior Repertory Orchestra
Janet Underhill, Conductor of Preparatory Winds; Assistant Director of Intensive Community Program
Marta Zurad, Conductor of Young People's String Orchestra, Petit Ensemble, Intensive Community Program
Nicole Cariglia, Artistic Director of Intensive Community Program
Miriam Eckelhoefer, Director of the Chamber Music Program


Catherine Weiskel, Executive Director
Gabriel Cobas, General Manager
Martha Robinson, Director of Development
Erin Keegan Ianni, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Jo-Ann Branco, Director of Finance
Kathryn Rudolph, Director of Operations and Community Programs
David Abraham, Associate Director of Operations
David Angelo, Operations Manager
Nickolette Cartales, Community Programs Associate
Paul Seitz, Operations Associate
Kara Newcombe, Marketing and Finance Manager
Molly Grannell, Associate Director of Individual Giving
Kendra Walton, Institutional Giving Officer
Joanna Wendel, Institutional Giving Associate
Shannon Canavin, Development Manager, Events
Caitlin Thompson, Development Associate
Katie McInerney, Executive Assistant


Margaret Chen, President
Cecilia O’Keefe, Vice President
Jean-Marc Berteaux, Treasurer
Ben Brady, Secretary

Robert Beaser ’72
Kenneth Bello
Michael Berk
Eran Egozy ’89
Anthony Fogg
Jennifer Lynn
Gregory Melchor-Barz, ex officio
Senthil Muthiah
John Navien
Femi Obi
David Odeh
Michael Patti
Sarah Schaffer Raux
Tom Ruby
Jordan Stone
Catherine Weiskel, ex officio
Andy West
Stephen Wagner ’08, ex officio
Dr. Harvey Young, ex officio

BYSO Council
Hugo Arellano-Santoyo
Natalie Baker
Anne Chai
Abe Dewing ’87
Sol Jin ’07
David Jones ’85
Alexandra Morgan-Welch ’10
Adrienne Rosenblatt ’08
Ashwanth Samuel
Stephen Wagner ’08, Chair

Advisory Board
Munir Alam
John Avallon
Alison Tschopp Bomberg
Peter Bonney ’95
Cecilia Chao
Ken Chow
Peter Coffin
David Druley
David Jones ’85
Young Lee
Mahmood Malihi
Melissa McMorrow
Anne Morris
Jasmine Richards
Robert Skinner
LeVerne Stephens

Honorary Members
Gabriella Beranek
John W. Coffey, III
Pamela Humphrey
Philip J. Smith

Presidents Emeriti
Tom Draper
Joe Grimaldi
George Keches
Philip J. Smith
Eduardo Tobon
John Wall
David Welch


Congratulations to you all!
Nate Aistrup, Boston University
Halden Aistrup, Cleveland Institute of Music
Ian Aistrup, Boston University
Kate Arkin, Georgetown University
Sam Bean, Williams College
Alisa Belotti, Tohoku University
Matteas Berg, Boston University
Ella Berger, UMass
Sarah Bo, Wake Forest University
Margot Brady, University of Virginia
Arden Caldicott, Williams College
Mina Chae, Harvard University
Jonathan Chalumeau, Babson College
Isla Chasin, Oberlin College
Megan Chau, Boston College
Ethan Chaves, Harvard University / New England
William Chen, Boston University
Tabitha Chen-Fiske, Harvard University
Michael Cheng, Yale University
Grace Choi, Syracuse University
Alexander Erlich-Herzog, Curtis Institute of Music
Phoebe Estell, Boston University
Sean Fay, New York University
Isha Gopal, New York University
Alex Gouthro, Bowdoin College
Aluna Herrera, Northwestern University
Ames Hwang, Williams College
Austin Jacobson, Brown University
Nadya Keeney, UC San Diego
Gaeun Lee, Yale University
Kenneth Lee, Purdue University
Chris Li, Harvard University
Alex Li, Harvard University
Joshua Lim, Cornell University
Robert Liu, University of Michigan
Olivia Ma, Boston University
Elia Matrician, Wesleyan University
Amanda Medina, Massachusetts Institute of
Raphael Mok, Boston University
Hugh Park, Brandeis University
Rahul Prasad, Harvard University
Emma Reddy, University of Maryland
Gabriel de los Reyes, Boston Conservatory
Emily Rimkus, Cleveland Institute of Music
Cordelia Rozmiarek, University of Rochester
Erica Sahin, Brown University
Aaditya Saini, UMass Amherst
Carson Saponaro, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee
Karthik Seetharaman, Stanford University
Rachel Shi, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Miriam Siegel, Georgetown University
Jacob Simon, North Carolina State University
Sam Stevens, UMass Amherst
Nia Suresh, Northwestern University
Artha Tavshikar, University of Illinois
Sava Thurber, Harvard College
Ethan Walsh, Columbia University
Henry Wasserman, Washington University in St. Louis
Lau Yeung Wong, The Juilliard School
Jocelyn Wu, UC Irvine
Alex Yin, Harvard University
Sofia Zhao, Stanford University
Hannah Zupancic, Brown University

A huge thank you to ALL of our parents and students for your kind help and excellent hard work this season! We appreciate each and every one of you!

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