/ 2019-2020 Season Appreciation

As we celebrate the end of BYSO's 62nd season, we would like to take a moment to appreciate all of the amazing people who have helped make this season so great! Thank you to all of you for the work you've done this season, and for helping us adjust to the current conditions and continue to carry out our mission. You're the best!

2019-2020 STATISTICS:

  • 500+ young musicians served
  • 600+ individual donors
  • 13 weeks of virtual programming 

Violin Coaches
Sammy Andonian
Miguel Perez-Espejo Cardena
Ben Carson
Julia Cash
James Cooke
Lisa Crockett
John Holland
Adrian Slywotzky
Yonah Zur

Viola Coaches
Bob Barnes
Andra Dix
Dan Dona
Joan Ellersick
Mark Latham

Cello Coaches
Miriam Eckelhoefer
Susanne Friedrich
Steve Laven
Brent Selby

Bass Coaches
Michael Flinn
Liz Foulser
Joe Holt
Randy Zigler

Flute Coaches
Kathleen Berger
Judy Grant
Vanessa Holroyd
Cindy Meyers

Oboe Coaches
Anna Bradford
Ben Fox
Mark McEwen
Catherine Weinfield-Zell

Clarinet Coaches
Celine Ferro
Mark Miller
Rob Patterson
Rich Shaughnessy

Bassoon Coaches
Rick Ranti
Susie Telsey
Laura Umbro
Janet Underhill
Naho Zhu

Horn Coaches
Fred Aldrich
Neil Godwin

Trumpet Coaches
Steve Banzaert
Matt Repucci
Kyle Spraker
Zeb Upton

Low Brass Coaches
Taka Hagiwara
Phil Hyman
Michael Tybursky

Harp Coaches
Krysten Keches
Maria Rindenello-Spraker

Percussion Coach
Michael Weinfield-Zell

Misc. (Divided) Coaches
Mark Berger
Joe Bozich
Tiffany Chang
Renee Hagelberg
Reuben Stern

Chamber Season Coaches
Anna Bradford
Miguel Espejo Cardenas
Ben Carson
Min Choi
Danby Cho
Miriam Eckelhoefer
Phil Hyman
Agnes Kim 
Marla Rubinson
Hsin-Lin Tsai
Yonah Zur

Chamber Sub Coaches
Meg Dole Abramowitz
Steve Banzaert
Daniel Dona
Judy Grant
Aaron Zelcowicz

A huge thank you to all of our Artistic Staff and Conductors, and a very special thank you to Federico Cortese for 20 YEARS with BYSO!
Federico Cortese, Music Director
Adrian Slywotzky, Artistic Consultant
Joseph Bozich, Artistic Advisor and Conductor
Mark Miller, Conductor of Repertory Orchestra and Repertory Chamber Orchestra
John Holland, Conductor of Junior Repertory Orchestra
Marta Zurad, Conductor of Young People's String Orchestra, Petit Ensemble; Conductor of the Intensive Community Program
Janet Underhill, Conductor of Preparatory Winds; Intensive Community Program Assistant Director for Winds
Miriam Eckelhoefer, Director of the Chamber Music Program
Nicole Cariglia, Intensive Community Program Artistic Director

Catherine Weiskel, Executive Director
Martha Robinson, Director of Development
Erin Keegan Ianni, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Gabriel Cobas, General Manager
Kathryn Rudolph, Director of Operations and Community Programs
David Abraham, Operations Manager
Saralyn Klepaczyk, Community Programs Manager
Katie McInerney, Operations Associate
Amy Ramnarine, Associate Director of Individual Giving
Kendra Walton, Institutional Giving Officer
Jessica Chen, Development and Alumni Relations
Colin Keane, Development Associate
Kara York, Marketing Manager
Jo-Ann Branco, Director of Finance
Matthew Stansfield, Executive Assistant

Margaret Chen, President
Anthony Fogg, Vice President 
Cecilia O’Keefe, Vice President
Jean-Marc Berteaux, Treasurer
Ben Brady, Secretary

John Avallon
Robert Beaser ’72
Michael Berk
David Chin, ex officio
Kimberly Ciccarelli ’87, ex officio
Eran Egozy ’89
Marcia Mantell, ex officio
Gregory Melchor-Barz, ex officio
Melissa McMorrow
John Navien
Femi Obi
Sarah Schaffer Raux
Tom Ruby
Jordan Stone
Catherine Weiskel, ex officio
Andy West
David Wilkins
Dr. Harvey Young, ex officio

Honorary Members
Gabriella Beranek
John W. Coffey, III
Pamela Humphrey
Philip J. Smith

Presidents Emeriti
Tom Draper
Joe Grimaldi
George Keches
Philip J. Smith
Eduardo Tobon
John Wall
David Welch

Board of Overseers
Alison Tschopp Bomberg
Peter Bonney ’95
Cecilia Chao
Ken Chow
Peter Coffin
David Druley
Young Lee
Mahmood Malihi
Cynthia Robinson Markey
David Odeh
Robert Skinner

BYSO Council
Natalie Baker
Kimberly Ciccarelli ’87, co-chair
Abe Dewing ’87
Sol Jin ’07
David Jones ’85
Marcia Mantell, co-chair
Katie Maher
Alexandra Morgan-Welch ’10
Adrienne Rosenblatt ’08
Stephen Wagner ’08
Kathryn Wilcox

Makda Bertrand
David Chin
Gloria Herrera
Jelena Jovin
Vicma Lamarche
Andrew Min
Yoshiko Mizukami

Jocelyn Botelho
Amelia Bronfman
Emma Carroll
Lucy Chae
Elie Chalumeau
Alisa Crueger-Cain
Anna Dong
Joia Findeis
Kaylin Frisaura
Samantha Gedeon
Sarah Girma
Emma Greaves
Marisa Ih
Sophie Jiang
Irene Ju
Sarah Kam
Evan Kos
Joseph Kotler
Andrew Kung
Mark Larrivee
Brianna Li
Michael Liu
Emily Ma
Joy Mahoney
Ashley McCoy
Sarah Park
Emily Qiu
Sara Ren
Catalina Sieh
Isabel Tate
Aarya Tavshikar
Danilo Thurber
Tess Wolossow
Daniel Weitz
Ethan Wood
Katherine Yang
Andrew Youssef
Lily Zhou
Matthew Zhou

A huge thank you to ALL of our parents and students for your wonderful help and hard work this season! We truly appreciate each and every one of you!