ICP Recruitment

ICP Winds Fall Recruitment Application is Now Open


Join us for an upcoming information session via zoom:

Monday, September 13, 2021 at 6:30pm – Register Here

In 1998, BYSO created the Intensive Community Program (ICP), a rigorous instrumental training program, in response to financial and cultural accessibility barriers preventing students from the city of Boston’s from auditioning into BYSO’s orchestras and participating in our high-quality programming. ICP aims to serve students of color including African American, Latinx, Caribbean, and other populations historically underrepresented in the study of classical music. Students enter ICP with little or no music training, and after 2–3 years of training and support, they are prepared to successfully audition into one of BYSO’s prestigious orchestras, with the objective of reaching BYSO’s top level orchestra. Students are provided the resources they need to be successful in BYSO orchestras and beyond, including financial aid for orchestra tuition, weekly lessons, use of an instrument, positive mentorship and an array of support services until they graduate from high school. Through discipline and creativity, individuality and teamwork, students can accomplish personal and group goals. The results are young musicians who develop high aspirations and a desire to work towards musical excellence.

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