While we typically hold our annual camp at New England Music Camp (NEMC), we have decided to move our summer camp season online, and they are doing the same.

BYSO’s 2020-2021 “PRESEASON”
Below are the dates for BYSO’s 2020-2021 online camp (PRESEASON):

JRO: August 10 – 14, 2020

REP: August 17 – 21, 2020

BYS: August 10 – 21, 2020”


BYSO Summer Camp (NOT happening in person this year) is usually held in August at New England Music Camp (NEMC) in Sidney, Maine. This experience for BYS, REP, and JRO students begins the season with intensive orchestral and chamber orchestra rehearsals. In Maine, new and returning students get to know other orchestra members and staff as they begin working on the orchestral repertoire for the season.

“My favorite BYSO experience was definitely at camp! It’s really incredible to meet so many people who all share the same passion for music as you do.”

“Camp! The relationships I built there will last beyond my BYSO and high school years.”
All camp photos by Jeff Pouland.