BYSO Summer Camps 2019

July and August were busy months for young BYSO musicians. In late August, BYSO held its annual two-week
summer camp at New England Music Camp in Sidney, Maine, for members of BYS, REP and JRO. Students took
part in intensive rehearsals with BYSO conductors and artistic staff, while creating friendships with fellow
orchestra members. During their time in Maine, students also had the opportunity to participate in swimming,
kayaking, soccer, talent shows, karaoke, and more. It’s a great way to start the season. In July, students in BYSO’s
Intensive Community Program (ICP) participated in summer music camps at Noble and Greenough School.

Current and past BYSO graduating seniors have shared their favorite memories from their time at BYSO, and many of them have said that camp is one of their favorite memories. We asked, “Tell us about some of your favorite BYSO experiences”:

“BYSO camp is always one of the highlights of the year. As a place to focus solely on music-making and spending time with friends, it’s a great way to start the year. From sectionals in the morning to activities at night, those memories will always be a highlight of my experience at BYSO.” -Jeffrey Zhu, ’18

“BYSO camp and playing Symphonic Metamorphosis.” -Maria Tu, ’18

“Camp every summer with friends.” -Lailoo Perriello, ’18

“My first time going to camp…actually every time going to camp!” -Anna Kerber, ’18

“BYSO camp was always a highlight of my summer, since I got the chance to hang out with my friends and enjoy playing music.” -David Kennan, ’18

“I really cherish the friends and memories I’ve made at BYSO camp for the past 4 years that I’ve attended; I can’t think of a specific moment, but I just really enjoyed all of camp and no matter what memory I recall it is always a happy one.” -Amanda Xu, ’18

“I will always remember one rehearsal we had with John at camp during my very first year in BYSO. We were rehearsing Smetana’s Moldau in the bowl at sunset and the music was lacking something. John knew this, so he put his baton down and asked us if we’d ever just sat, alone, with no distractions, and watched the sun rise. I hadn’t. He told us that he’d actually just done this the day before and described the way it made him feel, how it looked and felt too perfect to be real. He described the emotions he had, how it was both a sad and happy moment for him, and told us that we had to channel that kind of energy into our music, the kind of energy you’d get from watching the sun rise, alone. He reminded us of the important job we had, to paint a complete picture for our audience. I don’t know why, but this gave me goosebumps. For all of us, the music suddenly meant more than just notes on a page; it had a purpose. Another moment I’ll always remember happened this summer at camp. During the Q&A with Fed, Fed had spoken about how we shouldn’t blame the great composers of the past, whether it’s Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky, Debussy etc., for the problems of today and we shouldn’t devalue the art of classical music by simply labeling it as “elitist.” In our final rehearsal at camp, Fed resumed this discussion and told us that he hoped we’d graduate from BYSO not only as good musicians, but also as good, decent people who use music as a tool to connect and better the world around them. This lesson is something I’ll carry with me wherever I go.” -Kimia Tabatabaei, ’18

“My favorite BYSO experience was getting to know and make friends at BYSO camp. My friends at BYSO are the kindest and most supportive friends I could have ever asked for and I am so grateful I had this year to create music with them.” -Rachael Chen, ’18

“Meeting lifelong friends at summer camp.” -Alexander Feltner Harrison, ’18

“I debated whether or not to audition for BYSO for an incredibly long time for the sole reason that I might feel inadequate or alone. Beginning the season with a mandatory camp with strangers just seemed to make it worse. But, immediately, I felt so welcome and so appreciated. For three summers, BYSO and its community somehow made endlessly long hours of rehearsal so enjoyable.” -Sun-Jung Yum, ’19

“I’ve made some of my best friends during BYSO camp.” -Chen Chen Huang, ’19

“I really enjoyed experiencing camp and making new friends there. I met a few folks I never would have imagined meeting anywhere else, and I want to keep those friendships alive for as long as possible.” -Olivia Ceterski, ’19

“Summer in Maine has been one of my favorite things about BYSO! Making new friends and learning awesome music is always a highlight.” -Cyan Jean, ’19

“BYSO camp for sure!! I remember my first ever BYSO camp so vividly. I was so excited by how everyone there loved classical music and loved the pieces we were playing—it was my first time being in that kind of environment. It was one of those experiences that solidified why I wanted to go into music.” -Grace Helmke, ’19

“Camp! Got to really work with and connect with byso campers (not just from BYS), and I also got to talk/interact with the conductors outside of rehearsal.” -Christopher Lee, ’19

“One of my favorite experiences has to be the annual summer camp; it’s so beyond inspiring to be surrounded by so many people who care so deeply about music and performance, and it has always pushed me to be better myself.” -Yingzi (Cherry) Xiang, ’19

Photos by Michael J. Lutch 

For more camp photos click here!

Tribute to Althea Wright

Fourteen years ago, Althea Wright’s passion to touch and mentor youth historically underrepresented in the study of classical music led her to the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (BYSO).  She loved the fact that BYSO offered a wonderful introduction to classical music, providing an inclusive environment for all children from the City of Boston; allowing them to participate with professional musicians to create music. Throughout her journey with BYSO, she was a major subscriber to all the concerts, attended every gala and steadfastly lent her financial support while recruiting others to attend concerts and support BYSO’s mission

As she got to know the organization, she especially fell in love with the Intensive Community Program (ICP), a rigorous instrument training program serving African American, Latinx, Caribbean and other students of color. She identified with ICP’s mission and saw herself in these inner-city children.  Her conviction was that in order for them to achieve their life’s aspirations without limitations; it was important to broaden their perspectives through exposure to events and activities outside of their everyday lives. Her support of BYSO aligned with her goal of mentoring young people to help them achieve success.

As was her nature, the BYSO children became her extended family.  The impact she had on their lives would otherwise not be available if it were not for her sheer will and commitment to impart the BYSO opportunity and experience. During the last year of her life, she worked tirelessly as an Advisory Board Member to advance BYSO’s mission and expansion plans.  Though we will greatly miss her physical presence, her support of BYSO’s mission and the ICP will continue. In addition to her family and friends, who honored her wishes by gifting memorial donations to BYSO; each year, as per her directive, her sister will make a donation to the annual gala.  Every time her BYSO “sons” and “daughters” perform, her memory will be forever honored.

BYSO’s 64th Season Concerto Competition Winners

The winners of this year’s virtual concerto competition are…
Boston Youth Symphony
Winner: Alexander Erlich-Herzog, Clarinet. Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A Major.

Repertory Orchestra
Eileen Ho, Violin. Bruch, Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, mvt. 1
Abigail Shin, Violin. Saint-Saëns, Violin Concerto No. 3 in B minor, mvt. 1

Congratulations to everyone that participated! Read more about our talented concerto competition winners, Alexander, Eileen, and Abigail below:

Alexander Erlich-Herzog is a 12th-grade homeschool student residing in Concord, Massachusetts. He started playing the piano at the age of five and the clarinet when he was ten. While spending a year in Portugal in 2017-2018, he began studying clarinet with Nuno Silva (Principal Clarinetist of the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, and Professor of Clarinet at the National Superior Orchestra Academy of Lisbon) and piano with Artur Pizarro and Paulo Oliveira of the same academy. He studies composition with Davide Ianni of NEC. Alexander has been a member of the Boston Youth Symphony under Federico Cortese since the fall of 2018 and also plays with the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and, occasionally, the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra. He has twice placed as a finalist in the Silverstein Global Clarinet Competition (becoming a Silverstein Next Generation Artist and winning a Shining Talent award) and placed third at the 2021 Verão Clássico Festival and Academy in Lisbon, before winning the BYS Concerto Competition. He has participated in many masterclasses in both the United States and Europe. Besides his musical activities, Alexander is also an accomplished chess player, who traveled the world extensively, and who speaks multiple languages. 

Abigail Shin is a sophomore at Newton South High School in Newton, MA.  She has been a member of the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO) since 2019. This is her first year in REP, where she is currently a concertmaster. Prior to BYSO, she was a member of the New England Conservatory (NEC) Prep Orchestras.  Abby began her music career playing piano at age 4, studying with Yu Ya Huang, and switched to the violin at age 10. She is currently a student of Kyoko Horowitz, a member of the violin faculty at NEC and founder of the Boston Music Institute (BMI). Abby’s former instructors include Yeolim Nam, Yuna Kim, and Emil Altschuler. She has also participated in the 2020 MMEA All-State Music Festival Orchestra, 2020 MMEA Eastern Senior Festival Orchestra, 2018 and 2019 MMEA Eastern Junior Festival Orchestras, and performed for her local church services and school showcases.  In addition to playing violin, Abby loves competing on her high school debate team and has debated in a range of tournaments in the local to national circuit.

Eileen Ho is a 9th grade student at Lexington High School. She has played the violin since the age of four, and is currently studying under Marla Rubinson at the Lexington Music School at the Munroe Center for the Arts. She joined BYSO in 2017 and has enjoyed playing and performing over the years.  Eileen also plays chamber music at the Lexington Chamber Music Center, and regularly performs in outreach concerts for local retirement homes and nursing facilities. Outside of music, Eileen is passionate about art and science. This year, she competed in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards to earn multiple gold keys and the Best of Category Award for Massachusetts. In 2021, she represented Lexington’s Diamond Middle School in the Massachusetts State Science Olympiad Competition, and went on to compete at the National Science Olympiad Tournament.

Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf By Sergei Prokofiev
BYSO is delighted to present a special video presentation of Prokofiev’s classic tale. This video celebrates the dedication and perseverance of our students and artistic staff who worked hard to present this timeless production.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful introduction to the instruments of the orchestra and this charming story!


We are excited to welcome the following new staff members to the BYSO family – Nickolette Cartales, David Angelo, and Joanna Wendel.

Nickolette Cartales, Community Programs Associate

 Nickolette Cartales began learning viola at age 5, which lead her to graduate from Ithaca College with a bachelor’s degree in music, as well as a degree in Spanish Literature and Language. She believes that music brings people together and creates profound connections and communities. Furthermore, Nickolette is a strong advocate for youth orchestral and chamber music programs because of the discipline and communication skills they brought her as a student, along with the experience of sharing music with others. 

While obtaining her Master of Music degree at the Longy School of Music of Bard College, she was a teaching assistant at Conservatory Lab Charter School, Boston String Academy, and Longy’s Sistema Side-by-Side Program. Since then, she has worked in administrative roles, most notably at the Heifetz International Music Institute this summer as the Faculty and Festival Assistant in Virginia. In her spare time, Nickolette enjoys reading, bike riding, and playing duets with her sister. 

David Angelo, Operations Associate

David Angelo is a clarinetist and teacher based in the Boston area for the past 9 years. He studied at the Boston Conservatory where he went on to earn a Master’s degree in Contemporary Music Performance. As a fierce advocate for new music David has taken part in the world premieres of around 100 solo, chamber, and large ensemble works. Some performance highlights include premiering a concerto with the Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble and touring the US with Ambient Orchestra, performing an arrangement of David Bowie’s final album Blackstar. David has played with many local Boston groups including the Du Bois Orchestra, New England Film Orchestra, New England Philharmonic, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Sound Icon, MIT Wind Ensemble, Boston Opera Collaborative, and MassOpera. David has recently completed certification to be an Alexander Technique teacher. Before joining BYSO he served as a founding organizer and Ensemble and Event Manager for Chimera New Music, Assistant Production Manager for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Associate for Boston New Music Initiative, and the Assistant Performance Librarian at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He also teaches a private studio of clarinet, saxophone, and piano students. 

Joanna Wendel, Institutional Giving Associate

Joanna is the newest member of the development team at BYSO. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in art history and previously held curatorial roles at the MFA Boston and the Harvard Art Museums. Joanna started playing the violin at age 7 and is an alumna of Young People’s Symphony Orchestra in Berkeley, CA and Princeton University Sinfonia. She is excited to bring her passion for arts education to BYSO.

In Memoriam: Edward Berkeley

It is with the deepest of sadness that BYSO acknowledges the sudden passing of Ed Berkeley, our beloved opera Stage Director.  On July 19 Ed died just before the opening of a production of “The Magic Flute” that he staged at the Aspen Music Festival.

“Ed has been a crucial partner in our opera program at BYSO for nearly a decade. He was the most generous and supportive of colleagues. His productions of the operas were creative, crystal clear and extraordinarily communicative. His demeanors in and out of rehearsals were calm and kind. He was admired and respected by all singers and musicians. His expertise and knowledge were a constant help to me in planning and executing this very important part of our season. Last year he played a crucial role in many of BYS’s important video projects. His generosity in preparing them was matched only by the outstanding results. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and my sadness. I will miss him terribly and so will the entire BYSO opera team.” Federico Cortese, BYSO Music Director

BYSO: A Year Through Video

Despite the limitations of social distancing created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra musicians have persevered and worked hard to make music in a virtual format. A few videos of these special remote performances are featured below. We hope you enjoy!

BYSO (Virtually) Presents Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”
At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras’ students spread JOY by making music from their homes.
BYSO Presents Benjamin Britten’s The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
This video was put together using separate recordings filmed by students of the Boston Youth Symphony with their own cellphones, in their homes.
BYSO Intensive Community Program 2020 Holiday Concert
A special holiday celebration featuring “Air” from Suite No. 3 by J.S. Bach;
“Carol of the Bells” Traditional, arranged by Janet Underhill;
“Trepak” from The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Sandra Dackow

BYSO Repertory Orchestra Presents “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson
This version of “Sleigh Ride” was performed by students from the Repertory Orchestra in December 2020

A Testament of Hope – A Celebration of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
This 14th annual collaboration between the Museum of African American History and the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras represents a unique partnership of history and music that highlights the words of Dr. King and the musicians of BYSO’s Intensive Community Program Orchestra. MAAH and BYSO recognize the universal role of music in the African American experience and its impact across race and ethnicity to advance the message of freedom and hope, past, present, and future.

We hope you have enjoyed celebrating this year of music-making with us across virtual platforms!

BYSO’s 63rd Season Concerto Competition Winners

The winners of this year’s virtual concerto competition are…
Boston Youth Symphony
Winner: Sean Jang, violin, Sarasate – Carmen Fantasy
Repertory Orchestra
Winner: Alette Williams, violin, Mendelssohn-Violin Concerto, Movement 1

Boston Youth Symphony Honorable Mention:
Emily DeNucci, flute. Ibert, Flute Concerto

Repertory Orchestra Honorable Mention:
Sofia Zhao, flute, Chaminade – Flute Concertino
Honorable Mention: Karthik Seetharaman, cello, Shostakovich – Cello Concierto No. 1, Movement 1

Congratulations to everyone that participated! Read more about our talented concerto competition winners, Sean and Alette, below:

Sean Jang, violin
Boston Youth Symphony Concerto Competition Winner

From the age of five, Sean Jang was recognized as a protégé violinist with a technical facility and musical talent. As a soloist and section leader, he has been leading violin and viola sections for Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, St. Paul’s School (SPS) in Concord, NH, Singapore American School, Singapore National Youth Orchestra, International School of Geneva, Switzerland, Conservatory of Geneva, United Nations Orchestra, San Diego Suzuki Orchestra, Temecula Ensemble, Seoul Ensemble, Duo SI, and JANG Trio. Sean’s musical achievements include 2020 Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner, 2020 Lake Region Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Scholarship 2nd place Winner, 2020 Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner of Audience Choice, 2020 American Protege International Concerto Competition at Carnegie Hall first place winner, 2019 Taiwan International Competition first prize, 2018 Singapore Music Teacher’s Competition gold medal, 2015-2016 Swiss National Youth Music Competition for solo and chamber division winner, Concertmaster in 2018 International School Honor Orchestra, 2020 All-State Music Festival Orchestra, and World premier solo duet ‘Duet of Duet’ dedicated to Sean JANG by Kirt Mosier. Recently he has mesmerized audiences with his outstanding performances at SPS and with Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra. He has studied with Dan Dery, Igor Yuzefovich, Min Lee, Yin Ke, and Zoia Bolovsky to pursue his musical career. Sean is currently a sophomore at St. Paul’s School (SPS) in Concord, NH/International School of Geneva. He is preparing for International Competitions and concerts in Geneva, Switzerland and in Boston, MA, USA.

Alette Williams, violin
Repertory Orchestra Concerto Competition Winner

Alette Williams is a 6th grade homeschool student residing in Plymouth, Massachusetts with her parents and her 5 siblings. She is currently studying violin under Dan Flonta of Barnstable, Massachusetts. Drawn to the violin at age three, it quickly became a passion and she hasn’t put it down since. Former instructors who have poured into her growth include Carol Sykes, Nikki Engstrom, and Jenna Potts. Last year she had the exciting and inspiring opportunity to have a lesson with former concertmaster of BSO, Malcolm Lowe. Alette is a self-motivated learner, always seeking to pursue excellence in all she does. She has been performing with BYSO since 2nd grade. Besides playing the violin, she is also a competitive team gymnast. She has a heart for people and for animals. Alette hopes to someday own a farm and pursue a career as either a soloist or as a member of an orchestra.

Welcome to the 63rd Season!

Welcome back, BYSO students! BYSO’s historic 63rd season began last Sunday with virtual rehearsals. With the help of a variety of online software, brand new Bumblebee microphones, and the adaptability and positive attitudes of our students, all ensembles had a successful first rehearsal. Every BYSO student received a new Bumblebee microphone prior to the start of the season to ensure that their virtual music learning experience is still as enriching and comprehensive as possible. Check out some student microphone unboxing pictures below! 

BYSO connects

Welcome to BYSO’s 63rd Season!

Presenting BYSO’s 2020-2021 season: BYSO connects

BYSO connects us virtually with one another and with the community!

We are honored to welcome you to what will be a historic 63rd season! We are delighted to have all of you as members of the BYSO family.

This season, we have the opportunity to explore new methods of student engagement and learning. We are consistently looking to re-imagine and evolve to keep our programs imaginative, fresh and exciting for our students and the community!


Online preseasons will take place throughout August. BYS will be exploring all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies as well as other Beethoven works, REP will be studying Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, and JRO will be examining Verdi’s La Forza del Destino, “Romeo Alone” from Berlioz’s Romeo and Juliet, and Bizet’s “Farandole” from L’Arlésienne.

Preseason dates:
JRO – August 10-14
REP – August 17-21
BYS – August 10-21

Intensive Community Program (ICP) members summer camp dates:
ICP JRO, REP, and BYS – August 3-7
ICP Pre-PE, PE, and YPSO – August 11-20
ICP 1st-Year Strings – August 17-21

We look forward to kicking off the season with all of our members on September 13th!

New Bumblebee Microphones

Call for Unboxing Photos and Videos!

All students will be receiving brand new Bumblebee microphones for the start of the season! We want to make each student’s BYSO experience as enriching and professional as possible, and these microphones will help to enhance students’ virtual musical learning experience. Please send us photos/videos of you opening your new microphone! We’ll be posting these photos and videos of students unboxing their microphones with the hashtag #BYSOconnects!

“Bumblebees are social insects—if they knew about the internet and computers, they’d be doing video calls with select friends from their colony, and recording their ideas and instrument practicing to play for others. And this Bumblebee can do the same for you: with its USB interface, excellent audio quality, and super-simple setup with three sonic options (music, voice, and neutral), the Bumblebee is the perfect personal mic for laptops, desktops, tablets, and any other audio device with a USB input.” Click below to learn more about Bumblebee microphones!

MusicFirst Software

This season, we’ll be using MusicFirst software for online instruction, practice tools, and more! Click below to learn more about some of the apps we will be using:

Beethoven’s 250th Anniversary

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great Ludwig van Beethoven! To celebrate #Beethoven250, Boston Youth Symphony, BYSO’s premier full symphonic orchestra directed by Federico Cortese, will be studying all nine of Beethoven’s symphonies as well as other great Beethoven works during preseason this summer. We look forward to celebrating this great composer’s life throughout the season.

Recording Projects

During this season, some of our orchestras will be working on recording projects similar to the “Ode to Joy” from last season.
Click below to watch BYSO’s virtual performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” that our students created in April as part of 2020’s #Beethoven250 celebration!

Enhanced Chamber Music Offerings

Our robust Chamber Music program will continue virtually this season in a new, exciting way.

Click below to learn more about BYSO’s chamber music program!

We look forward to this unique season! Stay tuned for more to come! #BYSOconnects

19-20 Season Donor Appreciation

Thanks to our donors, over 500 young musicians were able to experience the incredible personal growth that comes with a high-quality music education this past season.
Despite the many challenges posed by recent global events, music making has continued virtually for all of our students.
500+ students served
39 graduating seniors (we’ll miss you!!)
600+ individual supporters
11 weeks of virtual programming.

On behalf of every student, staff member, and board member, thank you! We are so grateful to have supporters like you that believe in our mission of making classical music accessible to all students, regardless of background or circumstance.

19-20 Season Individual Donors:

Dr. David Abraham
Meg and Seth Abramowitz
Susan B. Abrams ’80 and Protik Majumder
Alexandre Adamczyk ’14
Fred Aldrich
Reed Alexander and Doris Jurisson
Christine Altieri
Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler
Erika and Colin Angle
Anonymous (50)
Matt Applebaum and Julie Cochran
Greta Asgeirsson ’09
S. Atwood ’12
John and Terry Avallon
Dr. Lloyd Axelrod
Dr. Patricia Bachiller and Mr. Todd MacFadden
Joyce Rasmussen Balint ’66
Adrian Slywotzky and Christine Balko Slywotzky
Bob and Barbara Balliett
Amy Barnett and Keith Barnett
Susan Baronoff and Peter Nolan
Beard Family Charitable Trust
Robert Beaser ’72
Rose Bellini ’97 and James Holt
Ken and Carol Bello
Kathleen and Mark Berger
Robert Berger
Geoffrey Bergler ’76
Ruth Berry
Jean-Marc Berteaux
Jane Bestor
Neha Bhatia ’13
John and Sophie Bilezikian in honor of Sally Everett ’61
Susan Bishov
Ms. Juliana Bloembergen Dalton, ’72
Garen Bohlin and Diana Sorensen
Alison and Patrick Bomberg
Piotr Boni
Peter K. Bonney ’95
Marcia E. Bossart ’59
Ben Brady and Colleen Brannen
Elizabeth and Aaron Brady
Jean Kessler Brenner ’72
Alan Brock
Samir Bukhari and Lynette Sholl
Katie and Paul Buttenwieser
John Campbell and Susanna Peyton
Nicole Cariglia
Susan L. Carney ’69
Marc and Kimberlee Carroll
Rachel Carroll and Brendan Caroll
Debra Ruf-Carson, Kevin Carson, Benjamin Carson
Janet Underhill’s Recorder Group
Dorrit and Tom Castle
Anne Chai
Jamie Chang and Sharon Wu
Cecilia Chao and Mike Schoenegge
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Chau
Jessica Chen
Peter and Shirley Chen
Piu Francis Man
Shu-Hui Chen and Jeremy Teunis
Zhong and Shi Wen Chen
Shiqiu Cheng and Hong Zhang
Lucy Chie and Justin Campbell
Paul and Wendy Chieffo
Valerie Chisholm ’74
Arthur and Christian Chiu Maia
David Chiu, ’87
Ilyce and Rob Chizmadia
Ellie Choi and Kendrick Chow
Qing Chu and Glenn (Le) Wang
Eric and Annie Chun
Kimberly (Skidmore) Ciccarelli ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Clements
Jonathan Cline, ’68
Cobas Family
Grandpa & Grandma Cobas
Peter and Abby Coffin
Christine (Casey) Cohen ’70
Janine and Douglas Cohen
Peter Cohen and Karen Wood
Theresa Cohen
Amy Cook
James Cooke and Lisa Crockett
Karla Davis
Bethany, Jude, Kaveri and Darin Correll
Eric Cortell ’82 and Julia Wong
Dyane Cotreau
William J. Coukos, ’72
Andrew Coutermarsh
Thomas Covert ’01
Yvette Cozier and Theodore D’Amico
Rob Cunjak and Susan Dunn
Oliver and Cynthia Curme
The Phillips Family Foundation
Clara Davis
Louise Davis
Emilia De Leo ’14
Ellen Delany
Hugo Delgado and Carmen Perlata
Dr. Yongqi Deng & Ms. Li Zhen
Frank and Dee Dee Dent
Corinne DeNucci and Michael DeNucci
Yarline Desmornes
Kimbell Dicero
Larry and Lana Dobkin
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Doggett
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Donahue Jr.
Mady and Bruce Donoff
Friends of Cecilia O’Keefe
Tom and Ellen Draper
Ann Drinan ’68
Missy and David Druley
Connie and Vaughn Drum
Parents of Libby Drum
Carrie Du and Peter Zhang
Yu Duan
Janet and Dan Dubner
Catherine Dugan ’11
James Durning
Robin W. Dushman
Alan and Lisa Dynner
Peter and Azelene Edouarzin
Eran Egozy ’89 and Yukiko Egozy
April and Florian Eichler
Joan Ellersick ’76 and Tom Berryman
Anat Engel In Memory of Steve Engel ’73
The Estell Family
Yves & Dominique Manigat-Estimphile
Charles Estus, Jr. ’84
Phyllis Estus
Mark Ethier and Claire Cheney
Fiona Evans ’12
Robert and Iris Fanger
Daniel and Cheryl Farley
O’Connor-Farris Family
Peter and Michelle Fay
Emily Cheng
Daniel Fenton and Kyoko Okamura
Tom Flaherty, ’68
Mark C. Fleming & Rachel L. Renton
Anthony Fogg
Kevin Foster and Nadia Chamblin-Foster
Raymond and Ida Fridmann
Doris and Mike Fritz
Cathleen Fuller
Fumiko and Kensuke Futai
Mark and Sandra Gagnon
Elizabeth Gates and Holly Gates
Mildrid Gedeon
Irene Geronico
The Gertler Family
Stanley and Betsy Gibson
Grateful Alumnus Parents
Rachel Goldstein and Dr. Allan Goldstein
Ashley Gong
Wenjie Hu and Xiaopeng Gong
Robert and Cindy Goodof
Denise Greaves and Thomas Greaves
Robert Green and Noelle Givler
Joe and Paulette Grimaldi
Xiaozhong Gu and John Gu
Donna Guiliano
Christina Quin
Mrs. Kate Gutierrez and Brendan Albert
Susan and Bill Hadge
Mr. Thomas Hadley, ’83
Mark and Nancy Haines
Stacy Handler
Elizabeth Harding
Sean C. Harlow
Ronald Haroutunian ’74
Christopher E. Hart
Elizabeth R. Hartmayer
The C. Heard Family
The Hedderick Family
Bruce and Susan (McCrensky) Heitler ’63
Gloria Herrera
Tamar Herzog and Yuval Erlich
Diane Hessan and Robert Stringer
Sean and Nancy Hill
Lisa Ford Hirayama, ’77
Phyllis Hoffman
Hoffmann Family
Mark and Abby Hornstein
Jennifer Hoult ’78
Laura Howenstine and Joseph DiLazzaro
Brian Hu and Jie Cheng
Jianing Hu and Lucy Wang
Sandra Hu and David Wang
Weiping Hu and Sherry Hua
He Huang
Jin Huang and Zhaohui Wang
Mr. Everest Huang and Ms. Regina Cheung
Arthur and Marguerite Huggard in honor of Cecilia O’Keefe
Charlie and Marcella Huggard
Keith and Catherine Hughes
Marcus and Jennifer Hughes
Pamela and John Humphrey
Anne Marie and Jim Hynes
Mr. Bennet Ih and Ms. Patti Hartigan
Jason and Paula Ingraham
Naoko Ishidate and Takao Ishidate
Haruko Iyer
Scott Park
Pauline Jeong and Daniel Jeong
Mr. Libo Jiang and Mrs. Yanping Liao
Mr. Peng Jin and Ms. Zhongling Li
Susan L. Johnson
Anne Rogers Jones ’87 and Lawrence Jones
Celia Elizabeth Jones ’65
David Jones ’85 and Cindy Vreeland
Ms. Wanda Jones and Clarence Jones
The Meadowlark Trio
Abigail Kahler ’13
Sarah Kahler, ’05
The Kahler Family
Albert and Mami Kaminuma
Michika Kato
Mr. Robert Katuska
Colin Keane and Emily Church
George and Cheri Keches
Krysten Keches ’06
The Ianni Family
Abigail Kellogg
Mary O’Keefe Kellogg ’67
Judy Kelly and James Cremer
Penny Wise Kerns
Wendy Williams Keyes ’73
Patricia Iervolino Kilroy ’60
Caroline Choi Kim ’92 and Howard Kim
Sharon Kim ’14
Caroline Kistin and Romel Ortega
Martin Kistin and Sydney Kistin
Bernard Klinger ’67
Marilyn Bone Kloss, ’60
Mr. Alexander Klosterkemper
Anna and Peter Kolchinsky
Reed Konsler and Stacie Matsumoto
Adrienne and Justin Kung
Katharine and Thomas Kush
Ron and Linda Kutka
Laura Lake and Chris Lake
Steve Laven and Cynthia Meyers
Philip W. Leach ’60
Mary Susan Leahy ’66
Charles Learoyd ’63
Barry and Shilpy Lee

Donna Lee
Eric Lee ’04
Eugene Lee and Sally Park
Junghwa Lee and Dohoon Kim
Mark and Tsuifen Lee
Young Lee and Young Ju Rhee
The Leeb Family
Katherine Leen
Dian Lefkowitz Randall
Daniel, Lisa, Hillel, Elie and Shira Lehmann
Katharine Leness
Dr. Lorenzo Lepore ’70
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Lewis
Wayne and Judy Lewis
Bin Li and Haiyan Zhang
Huifang Li
Ruo Ding Li and Joy Shen
Lijiong Liao and Feng Chen
Ms. Lucia Lin and Prentice Pilot
Dr. David Lincicome
Marie Lindahl
Julianne Lindsay
Mark Littlefield
Chien Liu and Lucy Deng
Julie Liu and Nicholas Fok
Ling Liu and Francis Li
Mr. Dongpu Liu and Mrs. Xiaotao Dong
Peter Lloyd
Arthur Lord and Rose Marie Lord
Caroline ’95 & Patric Lowe
Nancy and Richard Lubin
Michael Lutch and Martha Goldsmith
Lutkevich Family
Lisa Lynch and Fabio Schiantarelli
Susie Ma
Donald and Akiko MacDonald
Mitchell Macey, ’71
Curtis Macomber ’70
Kathryn Maher
Dr. Jon Malinowski
Sharon and Brad Malt
Marcia and Daniel Mantell
Sarkis Martirosian and Tamara Babaian
Domenico Mastrototaro
The Matson Family
Elliot Matz, ’73
Mary Mazzio ’78 and James Manson
Paula McCarty ’75
Mr. and Dr. Peter McCormack
Marjorie McCoy
Natalia Jean McDermott ’15
Katie McInerney
Melissa McMorrow
Ricardo Medina and Gabriela Vergara
Amy Ramnarine and Abhay Mehta
Tsz Huen and Susan Zuo
Drs. Klemens B. Meyer and Laura Perlo Meyer
Harry Miao and She Lei
Gerard and Margeurite Michaud
Helaine Miller
Dr. Carol Milligan
Sarah Mitchell
Ulrich Mok and Megan Zorn
Hussain and Jessica Mooraj
Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter
Carlos Morales and Sandra Mostajo
Alex Morgan-Welch ’10
Dorothea Morrison
Anne Morriss and Frances Frei
Jane and Robert Morse
Christine Mrakotsky-Ladendorf and Mark Ladendorf
Susan H. Myerow ’72
John C. Navien and Amanda Ruggiero
Gerald Neuman and Carol Jones Neuman
Thao Nguyen and Kim Do
Diane Nicholeris ’78 and Daniel Baciocco
Mirai Nishioka’s Family
Femi and Nicole Obi
Lisa Ochs, ’79
Debra and David Odeh
Cecilia O’Keefe
Elizabeth, John and Catherine O’Keefe
John and Mary O’Keefe
Ms. Elizabeth O’Keefe
Sally Zimmerman and Allen Olsen
Karl L. Oppenheimer
James M. Orent ’72 and Marianne Gray
Marc Osiris and Makda Bertrand
Karen Kotkow and Donald Oster
Christine Osterwalder
Laura O’Toole and Daniel O’Toole
John and Sandra Owens
Aparna Pahooja and Vikram Pillai
Barbara E. Palant
Siopo Pat and Xuan Fu
Nyssa Patten ’97
Elaine M. Payne
Jonathan Payson
Yu Pei and Hong Wang
Ross and Anne Perry
Brian Pettinato
Andrew Wilson and Margaret Phillips
Rebecca Pierce
Wendy Shattuck and Sam Plimpton in honor of Pamela Humphrey
Kurt Richard Podeszwa
Ms. Florence Poy
Janet Prince ’75 and Peter Bergh
Yao-Ling Qiu and Jing Hu
Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn
Ralph I. Rabin and Carol L. Willett
Janet Raciti ’69
Ravi and Meena Ramamurti
Carey and Ann Rappaport
Sarah S. Raux
Peter and Suzanne Read
Hong Ren and Long Ma
Lisa Resnek-Wyett
Maureen Rezendes and Mark Findeis
Nicole Rheault and Christopher Rheault
Dan Richards and Lynne Pepall
Farrah Ridore ’12
Bonnie Anderson Rising ’81 and Curtis Rising
Liz and Fred Robbins
Alexander Robinson ’69
Lawrence and JoAnn Robinson
Martha Robinson
Gillian Rogell ’64
Steven and Alex Rohall
Wendy Rolfe-Dunham ’75
Adrienne Rosenblatt ’08
Jeffrey Rosenblatt and Debra Byers
Paula Rosenstock in memory of Milada Rhenisch
Robert Rovinsky in memory of Milada K. Rhenisch and in honor of Lynn Rhenisch
George ’70 and Lynn Rowan
Tom Ruby
Jess Rucinski ’09
Lisa & Gary Rucinski
David and Catherine Rude
Kathryn Rudolph
Nancy Ruggiero
Kate Rushford
Eriko Hironaka and Mark Russell
John P. and Jeanne-Marie Ryan
Kitty Sahin and Mustafa Sahin
Michael Schick and Katherine Hanson
William Schnoor
Ivy Valerie Schram ’99
Mr. and Mrs. David Schreiber
Mrs. Aire-Maija Schwann
David A. Schwartz ’61 and Cheryl Ann Schwartz
Rani Sellers, ’83
Jinah Seo and Young Park
Laurel Shader MD ’77
Patricia M. Shea
Laura Siegel Shechter ’99
Daniel Sheingold
Dongxiao Shen and Xu Shi
Eliot & Jane Sherman
Rebecca Sherman and Michael Siegel
Wenhua Shi and Jia Wu
Dana Shih and Yu-Shen Lin
Harris Shilakowsky
Philip Silberberg
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Simon
Mr. Peter Skerry and Martha Bayles
Bill Skulley ’63
Paul and Lisa Slack
Philip J. and Ann Smith
James Spidle
Sarah Spinella
Mr. Matthew D. Stansfield and Tai O. Oney
Dr. Patricia Stapler ’67
Alan Stern and Lori Tenser
Harris and Esta-Lee Stone
Jordan and Sarah Stone
Haley Strauss
Barbara Stein and Jin Suk
Susan Hughes and Erik Surface
David and Connie Swaebe
Marilyn, Kerren, and Drew Swinger
Anne Symchych
Ruhina Tahir and Dr. Naeem Tahir
Jay Tang and Luning Han
Stephen Tate and Qing Dong
Jacob Taylor and Jean Park
Christopher and Simonida Thurber
Charles Tillen and Bonnie Lee Tillen
Marcus and Jenny Tjia
Kazi Touré and Myriam Ortiz
Jack and Betsy Train
Gerardo and Hannelore Tramontozzi
Peter and Paula Tyack
Suzan Umphreyville Chavez
Janet Underhill
Dr. Steve Vacchi ’86
COL (Ret) Gregory O. Varo
Dante and Leonora Velasquez
Brian Vieira, ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner ’08
Kendra and Nate Walton
Family of Felix Wang
Miaoxuan Wei’s Family
The Chen Family
The Wang Family
Helen M. Waters
Larrine Watson
Michael Weinfield-Zell
Timothy and Catherine Weiskel
Charles Weitz and Isabel Chiu
Andre Weker ’95
David M. Welch and Lisa Onorato
Andy and Megan West
The Whartons
Deanne M. Wherry, ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Paul White
Priscilla White
Andrew Wiles and Caroline Grimaldi
Jessica A. Winiecki ’85
Daniel Wood ’14 and Evan Wood ’14
Paul Wood and Pamela Mok
Althea Wright
Jim Wright and Jennifer Lynn
JoAnne Wright
Patrick and Phaedra Yachimski
Aya and Takeshi Yamaguchi
David Yarbrough, ’78
Ning Yin and Mingjin Fan
Satoshi and Yumi Yoda
Kara York
Judy and Fred Young
Scott Young ’85 and Julie Young
Kyna Yu and Xing Su
Shangbin Liu
Hui Zhang and Xueliang Fang Jeff Zhang and Lee Dan
Ling Zhang and Hui Huang
W.X. Zheng’s Family
Jie Zhou and Xuqiong Wu
Liping & Xingwang Zhou
Qun Zhou and Liying Zhou
Yi Zhou and Qihong Li
Alison Zhu and Family
Gang Zhu
Wesley Zhu
Benjamin Zoll and Amy Zoll
Mark Zorn and Tama Zorn
Marta Zurad
The Good Egg Fund